The winter season begins: part i

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Mixed media PAINTINGS



Tony Sobota’s new series combines the color palette of a construction site with the linear sensibilities of architectural concept renderings. He works to find “peace” in the vibrating tension of these job sites. The garish unfinished facades, bright warning colors, and heavy equipment all become artistic fodder for a meditation on beauty. Sobota uses the visual language of construction to frame a portrait of Nashville as a work in progress. From smaller site-specific studies to larger more conceptual painting, Sobota pursues the question: do we value the process of “becoming,” or just anxiously await the removal of all the scaffolding?


Nashville-based artist Tony Sobota has spent the last decade as both a caricaturist and a mixed media painter. Having moved from Knoxville to Nashville in 2015, Tony recently acquainted himself with his new city by painting the most prolific (and perhaps unsightly) subject in town: construction sites. Exaggerating both perspective and scale, Tony sheds light on the beauty of the temporary moment. Sobota is recognized by the city of Nashville through the 2017 Periscope Pitch Perfect Award and as a selected artist for the Metro Works 40x40 collection.