the winter season begins: part i

At the Bar_Tiffany Ownbey_Papier-mache on Panel_36 x 72 in._HIGH RES (1).jpg

Tiffany Ownbey

Papier-mache paintings

november 2018


Through an intricate layering of sewing patterns, whimsical washes of paint, and an uncanny use of papier-mâché, Tiffany Ownbey takes a fresh step toward exploring human relationships in her new mixed media series. With a distinct wry sense of humor and attention to detail, Tiffany’s visual commentaries touch on the small moments that make up our day to day lives, suggesting that what we do in casual moments reveal the status of our perceptions of each other. Her work compels the viewer to search for the details that define human interaction, while also showcasing her extraordinary control of a mix of materials and techniques.


North Carolina native Tiffany Ownbey bases her mixed media work on traditional papier-mâché techniques, along with painting. Tiffany Ownbey makes figurative sculpture and collage out of antique sewing patterns, vintage books and re-purposed objects. Her work is a study of human interactions, relationships and memories...sometimes humorous and sometimes tart. Scale and proportion are intentionally manipulated for emphasis. Ownbey studied at Western Carolina University, Savannah College of Art & Design, Penland School of Crafts and Haywood Community College.