September 1-27

ART TALK: Saturday, September 1 at 5pm



Laura Nugent creates non-representational, painterly works featuring imperfect pattern and fresh color relationships. Each painting is the story of its creation and in the narrative of these works, color is protagonist and patterned blocking is structure. “Sometimes easily coaxed in arrival, other times deeply flawed and messy, my works are the pure expression of my experience.”

“Each new painting is a chance to start over, to use the new and the old, to combine art history and my experience. The goal of each work is finding a balance between the great sense of urgency to accomplish something beyond what I have before and a need to patiently explore its individual direction. Some paintings will boldly shout for attention from across a room, others will modestly whisper for notice. “

Laura says that, for her paintings, “the meaning is in their making.”