January 5-24: Of Things to Come


December 1-22: Season of Change: Part II

November 3-28: Season of Change: Part I

October 6-25: Anthropomorphic Cuisine

September 1-27: Color & Balance by Laura Nugent and Bill Starke

August 4-23: Summer Impromptu

July 7-26: Cassidy Cole

June 2-29: Contemporary Visionaries

May 5-25: Piha at Work by Leonard Piha

April 7-26: Come Full Circle by Daryl Thetford

March: Ghost of Possibility by Mandy Rogers Horton

February 3-22: Masters of Light: Works by Ed Clark, Don Dudenbostel and Bill Steber.

January 6-25: Of Things to Come


December: Ian Ross & Holiday Arts Market

November: Chris Bruno and Hollie Chastain

October 7-28: Southern Narrative by Ke Francis

September 2-30: Gee's Bend Quilt Rugs

August 5-25: Tank Chicken, Avant-Garage Sale and Collector's Art Exchange

July 1-28: Boundaries of Color by Laura Nugent and Her Flags by Marilyn Artus

June 3-23: Nostalgia for the Familiar by Jim Jobe

May 6-26: Contemporary Narratives by Daryl Thetford

April 1-15: Photography Emporium by Brett Warren

April 1-27: Rethinking Sculptural Forms by John Petrey

March 4-24: Introducing Tiffany Ownbey

February 4-24: Hopeful Fragments by Jan Chenoweth and Roger Halligan


January 7-26: Of Things to Come

December 3-23: 20th Annual Holiday Arts Market

November 1-December 23: New Work: Paintings & Drawings by Denise Stewart-Sanabria and Musical Sculptures by Philippe Guillerm

October 1-28: Intoxicated by Color: New Paintings by Edie Maney

September 3-22: Bill Steber: Southern Blues Photography + Music

August 6-23: Americana Art Summer and Avant Garage Sale

July 2-22: Americana Art Summer

June 4-21: Fresh Art Summer:  Photographers Daryl Thetford & John Nikolai, Sculptors Phillipe Guillerm & Edward Belbusti

May 7-27: The Art of Politics: A Political Pop-Up Market

April 2-21: The Visual Art of Fashion


December 5-23: Slow Roads Tennessee: A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways by Jerry Park

December 5-23: New Encaustic Paintings by Charles Ivey

December 5-23: 19th Annual Holiday Arts Market Pop Up

November 7-25: Boundaries- Spoken and Unspoken by Christine Patterson

October 3-29: An Invitational Emerging Artists Showcase Featuring Mandy Rogers Horton and Jodi Hays + An Invitational Pop Up Exhibition on 5th Avenue of the Arts Presented by InFlux, a Mobile Gallery of New Ceramics

September 1-25: The Sculpture of Edward Belbusti & Susan DeMay and 2015 Fall Art Preview

August 1-September 10: Rhythm in Relief: The Art of LaVon Williams

July 3-23: Americana Summer at The Arts Company

June 6-24: Charles Keiger: Thinking Theatrically and Jorge Yances: Magical Realism: A Nashville Perspective

May 14: Nashville Arts Coalition, community partners host mayoral forum on arts

May 2-27: Daryl Thetford-Premiering New 2015 Photographic Series

May 2-27: John Petrey, Sculptor

April 4- 24: The World of Brad Sells: Sculptor in Wood

April 4-24: A Trip to Annecy, a Documentary Photography Series by Anne Goetze

March 4-24: Bicycles: Vintage and Contemporary + Popcorn Sutton & Other East Tennessee Documentary Photography by Don Dudenbostel

February 7-27: The Arts Company presents "Of Things to Come: Annual Gallery Showcase"

January 24: Salon Saturday at The Arts Company presents The Art of Music and Photography Featuring Photographer Michael Weintrob & Musician Tom Shinness