Nashville Scene

Nashville Scene Highlights The Arts Company exhibition as "..the biggest show on Fifth Avenue this weekend"

"The InFlux ceramics collective also revels in upsetting the assumptions that might separate craft from art, and you can see just what I'm talking about when they park their large U-Haul-cum-mobile-art-gallery outside The Arts Company this Saturday night.Moving In will surely draw a crowd on Fifth Avenue, but even if you have to wait in a line, this display of work by Kelly Kessler, David Taylor, Meghan Borland and Audry Deal-McEver will be worth the wait. Kessler, Taylor, Borland and Deal-McEver founded InFlux, and they each call Nashville home.

Speaking of The Arts Company, the biggest show on Fifth Avenue this weekend will be Mandy Rogers Horton and Jodi Hays' new exhibition at the space. Horton and Hays are popular, well-established locals, and having a chance to see their work in the same space makes this a no-brainer stop on the crawl. Expect abstract architectural and landscape paintings from Hays, and expect the unexpected from creative chameleon Horton." -Joe Nolan