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Fine artist Devin Crane to exhibit at The Arts Company Gallery during Nashville Fashion Week 2014

by Candace Kita

This is Cranes’ first time exhibiting in Nashville, Tennessee and is inspired by the creative force that fuels Nashville. Cranes’ new paintings re-invent country music couture. Crane continually finds new ways of interweaving high fashion and luxury branding in his paintings. His paintings create a vivid dreamlike world that draws references from pop culture, fashion, and celebrities. Much of the couture fashion in Cranes’ paintings, from gowns to jewelry, features his own designs. “I think fashion should push boundaries, be beautiful and interesting. I try and incorporate a strong narrative in all the dresses I design for my paintings.” –Devin Crane

Cranes’ painting, ‘Road to Nashville’ depicts a beautiful young woman coming to Nashville to pursue her dreams of becoming a songwriter. The optimistic sunlit painting deals with the theme of new beginnings. “Blue Birds Café Dreams” is about the power of manifesting your dreams into reality. A young country singer gives her all at the famous café that spawned the careers of country music’s biggest stars such as Taylor Swift. Fashion has evolved tremendously in recent years in Nashville and Devin is excited to capture this in his new paintings. Crane loves exploring oversized luxury items in many of his paintings to add a sense of fantasy as well reflect their importance in modern society. Cranes’ painting, ‘Natalia’s Caviar Dreams’ personifies luxury at its best.

Crane has had the fantastic opportunity over the years to paint many beautiful portraits of socialites, professional models, close friends and other many fabulous women. He styles them himself, often designing most of the gowns and dresses in his paintings. “For my paintings I choose to stylize the features of my subjects in my own innovative style and technique. I am not simply looking to create a stagnant academic portrait. I am looking for an experience or a mood. I feel my work gives a modern twist to the art of portrait painting.” –Devin Crane

Devin has established an enormous following worldwide among art collectors and jetsetters alike including; Cee Lo Green, top executives from Hermès & L’Oreal Paris, Frédéric Dubois, Pierre Cornette, Doug and Lydia McLaughlin and many other prestigious buyers & celebrities.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, artist Devin Crane is one of the most prolific and compelling artists of his generation. His work has been featured at important galleries in LA and Europe. While pursuing his love of painting, Devin lends his talents to DreamWorks Animation. Crane has also had the honor of exhibiting at the prestigious Art Auction by Maitre Pierre Cornette de Saint Cyr in Paris.

Devin Crane is available for commissions, portraits & advertising