musical sculpture by philippe guillerm

Change of Skin White, Philippe Guillerm, Composite Fiber:Maple, 17x13x9, LOW RES 1.jpg

Musical Sculpture by Philippe Guillerm presents musically-inspired sculptures, most of which feature figurative stringed musical instruments. His sculptures are often whimsical, curvaceous, and sensual. For example, half of a violin may suggest a figure of a woman and how they intertwine seems naturally to transform into one whole concept. His works inspire dreams, illusions, and reality, and invite the viewer to reflect on music in human nature. Guillerm works with wood such as mahogany, poplar, and walnut — using the color of the wood as a painter uses paint.

Philippe Guillerm began his professional life in Paris, France. Each winter, he travels the world with his wife, Jacqueline and their two daughters on their forty-eight foot sailboat, the YaYa. While sailing in winter, Philippe scouts for interesting pieces of driftwood or he works on other art projects at the Black Pearl Museum in Tahiti, the International airports in Papeete and New Caledonia, and several yacht clubs and restaurants in Brazil and Australia. In warmer weather, he creates new work in his studio and gallery located in a restored 1850s bank in Waldoboro, Maine. Philippe's work has been exhibited in galleries in his home country France and throughout Europe, South America, the Pacific Islands, Canada and the United States.

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