November 7-25

BY Christine patterson


About the Exhibit

Since the 1990s, Christine Patterson, Knoxville-based photographer, has produced several photographic series based on exploratory photographic techniques and subjects.  In this new series,  Boundaries — Spoken and Unspoken, she incorporates mannequins and various figures photographed in her travels in the U. S. and Europe and layers them with multiple images and words to pursue her style of visual narrative story-telling. The overall theme of this body of work focuses on 21st-century feminine issues, each one keyed with a specific word embedded with the images. Her particular technique deepens the mystery of each narrative. Each image is created digitally using multiple image layers and textures and then printed on rice paper.  She finishes off each piece—one-of-a-kind—with multiple layers of resin, adding to the depth & texture of each image. 

Her narrative experiences and techniques are inspired by the likes of major pioneering photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-1879), one of the greatest photography portraitists; Patterson has also had the privilege of attending workshops with the likes of living legends Joyce Tenneson (b. 1945), whose metaphorical images express her own inner journey as a modern woman; and Jerry Uelsmann (b. 1934), a master of the craft of photography and a pioneer in 20th-century photomontage technique. A more recent artist she admires is Shepard Fairey (b. 1970), who also uses words to deepen the subjects of his posters and murals.  Patterson has pursued her fascination with mannequins and figures to anchor her points about femininity. Each one of her pieces expresses a whole idea about female vulnerability and day to day boundaries through various methods in photography — abandoning the darkroom and instead referencing traditional and digital photography. She layers historic and contemporary photographic techniques and process to create her personal artistic narratives. Her narrative exploration is a journey of storytelling that results in her using all of these vintage and contemporary concepts of photography and ideas into a multidimensional world of colorful layered artworks for a modern audience. 

Christine Patterson, a Knoxville, TN native, has been long regarded as an Alternative Photographer. Through her travels in the U.S. and Europe, she has developed a style of “story-telling” in her photography. Whether the scene is a study on trees, an intimate pathway, architecture, horses, muted landscapes, figurative imagery and now street art she layers each image with her unfolding story. In her art, she magnifies simple intimate moments so the viewer can explore secrets within evoking memories, hopes, desires, and questions. Patterson has in the past worked with hand tinting black and white images, sepia-toning, printing on glass, marble, canvas and transferring imagery onto wood. Her work now continues to evolve as she has added a new dimension using “rice paper” with layered imagery finished off with a high gloss resin and then brought back down to a matted finish. The images are like windows of time, frozen in the moment suggesting a feeling, a story, or a memory. 

*Official Press Release: November 7-25: Boundaries- Spoken and Unspokenby Christine Patterson