daryl thetford - contemporary narratives

Thetford develops his images from raw digital files, alters them to black-and- white, and then begins a process of digital cutting and pasting using multiple photographic images of close-ups of paint and details of signs, walls and sidewalks. One hundred or more images are cropped, overlapped and combined to create a single, multi-layered image. David Dorsey, writer and editor of the Dorsey Post Blog wrote, in 2011, “Thetford’s work evokes rich color harmonies that emerge calmly toward the viewer though all the intentional discord of the surface. Over the past six years, has found ways of building original images by layering his own photography into visual mash-ups: the end result often looks a bit like a woodcut or serigraph on the verge of dissolving into a kind of visual white noise.”

In May and June 2017, Thetford will have a solo show, Understanding Contemporary Relationships, at The Arts Company in Nashville, and a solo exhibit at the Ormond Museum of Art in Florida; a solo exhibit at the West Loop Gallery in Houston, Texas; and he will be the Artist in Residence at the annual event, The Gathering at Keystone College in Pennsylvania.

Receptions will be held on the first Saturday of May, in conjunction with First Saturday Art Crawl from 6-9.

Full press release can be found here.

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