About Kent Cooper

Kent Cooper is known in the Nashville area as the artist who has for years created the environment for the annual display for Easter Bunnies—first at McClure’s, followed more recently by Phillips Toy Store.  “Kent is a maker, a builder with unlimited imagination.  His work is technically solid, wildly creative and evocative of the America’s love for nostalgia of past times.  Recently described as ‘contemporary nostalgia,’ these sculptures summon up post-industrial nostalgia in his designs and execution,” observes Anne Brown, owner, The Arts Company.  His work is admired for its craftsmanship and its imagination.  It causes people to stop, look, laugh, and to be impressed with a 20th-century world already passed by. Someone has described Kent’s work as “thoughtful, intricate, exuberant craftsmanship."

Kent Cooper, a native Nashvillian, completed a degree in Industrial Arts and Geology at Adams State College in Colorado and returned to Nashville in the 1980’s to start his own business, creating work for Opryland, Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, the Adventure Science Center, the former Davis-Kidd Bookstore, and more.