Opening May 2, 2015

during the First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown

from 6:00-9:00pm 

and continuing until May 27, 2015

©John Petrey

©John Petrey

John Petrey

The Arts Company introduces John Petrey, Sculptor, in his inaugural Nashville exhibit showcasing selected figurative sculpture pieces of fashionable and historic clothing, employing copper, steel, aluminum, and vintage and repurposed industrial materials as his materials of choice. He twists and turns resistant hard materials that he shapes into fashionable fabric-looking works that often suggest female armor fitted for battle. The exhibition opens May 2, during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, 6PM-9PM, and contin- ues through May 27, during regular gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday.

Since 1981, John Petrey has been creating art that is both dramatic in scale and imaginative in concept. Throughout his career, his work has referenced the world of fashion, art, and new technology, ranging in style from lighthearted to symbolic. His dress series ranges from medieval to ultra contemporary fashion. Each piece gives the illusion of the fabric, colors, and textures, using new, old, raw materials crafted with heavy equipment and materials.

Chattanooga-based artist John Petrey was born in 1958 in Southern California. He pursued a career in advertising design, receiving an A.S. Degree in Graphic Design from Mt. San Jacinto College, followed by a B.S. Degree from Brooks Institute in Commercial Photography. Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, he gained national recognition, winning numerous awards as a photographer in the areas of food, celebrities and advertising. Throughout his career as a photographer, any spare time he enjoyed was dedicated to creating art, building art furniture, and restoring vintage motorcycles. In 2003 John closed his photo studio to pursue his passion for sculpture and began creating several diverse bodies of work. John’s art is included in both private and corporate collections, and has been shown in galleries and exhibitions throughout North America. 

©Daryl Thetford

©Daryl Thetford


The Arts Company presents Daryl Thetford - Premiering New 2015 Photography Series, compelling photographic collages from his own photographs that become narratives that are colorful, playful, and iconic. Investing more than forty hours of work in each piece created, Thetford begins with fragments from his own photographs, and then layers, refines and transforms diverse materials into powerful narratives. The exhibition opens May 2, during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, 6PM-9PM, continuing through May 27, during gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday.

Daryl Thetford’s photography has been described as graphic, modern, pop, and contemporary, although what to actually call the process has been a larger source of debate. it has been called photo collage, digital art, and digital mixed media. Whatever it is called, his process begins with Thetford selecting a single, original photographic im- age of his own, followed by digital layering and combining of dozens of additional original photographs. It is a process which takes an average of 40 hours to create each image. His resulting images range from culturally familiar individual pieces (bikes, cowboys, guitars, cityscapes) to more esoteric images based on man's inner strug- gle with modern society or the human sense of isolation in the visual noise of the modern world.

The artist grew up on a hundred-acre farm in Bradford, Tennessee, a small town in the rural northwest corner of the state. Following a graduate degree in counseling from Murray State University, he spent 15 years working as a vocational program director, mental health center manager, and a therapist. In 2001, when Thetford left the men- tal health field he returned to his first love, art. He discovered that the psychology of behavior and emotion-- everything he'd been studying and practicing. for years--flowed neatly into his artistic process. The result is a compelling body of photo collage work that is informed by the richness of his deep interest in art, philosophy, lit- erature. In the spirit of one of his primary philosophical mentors, Carl Jung, he translates ideas of modern life into iconic visual images.