The Arts Company presents a showcase of work by Tiffany Ownbey, a new artist to the Nashville marketplace imagining new ways to present contemporary papier-mache.  The exhibit is part of the gallery mission to showcase a number of new artists and artworks throughout 2017.  This showcase opens during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown on March 4, 6PM-9PM. Gallery Associate Aaron Head notes that, “Above anything, Tiffany Ownbey’s work generates a strong response.  Some people find it creepy, some charming, and some reminiscent of a childlike imagination, with a tart sense of humor attached. In reality, Tiffany’s work is innovative, meticulous and expertly crafted and drawn from her environment. Her ‘big paradise’ series is a depiction of the idyllic North Carolina landscape she lives in. Tiffany jokingly refers to her ‘paper army’ sculptures as a response to living alone in the woods.”  She creates this work in an 80-year-old log cabin, built by her grandfather in a rural area of North Carolina, using materials everyone is familiar with—sewing patterns, dictionary pages, newspapers. Her application of these materials transports them to a new level, and this showcase of her work will present an overview of her multifaceted work to the Nashville art scene. 

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