Opening First Saturday Art Downtown, March 7, 6-9 pm

The exhibitions continue through march 27 


©Leonard Piha

©Leonard Piha

BICYCLES: Vintage & Contemporary 

featuring Various Artists' Interpretations of a Popular Icon

In Bicycles:  Vintage and Contemporary, bicycles are presented as familiar objects that are international icons with universal appeal. Whether hanging on the wall or from the ceiling, made from cardboard, or drawings, paint-ings on tar paper, or mixed media photography, collectively they create a lively and welcoming gallery environ-ment. Featured artists include Daryl Thetford (photography), Leonard Piha (cardboard sculpture), Denise Stewart-Sanabria (sculpture/mixed media), Tres Taylor (paintings), Jason Stoddart….plus, real bicycles.  

Popcorn sutton and other east tennessee documentary photography

by Don Dudenbostel

Popcorn Sutton and Other East Tennessee Documentary Photography features photographs by Don Dudenbostel, a Knoxville-based artist who has spent days in the hills of East Tennessee documenting the making of Tennessee whiskey by Popcorn Sutton, legendary Appalachian moonshiner, snake handlers, as well as the daily life and objects associated with East Tennessee. 

©Don Dudenbostel

©Don Dudenbostel