I create non-representational, painterly works featuring imperfect pattern and fresh color relationships. 

My surfaces are built out of the history I have collected in my studio: wood or canvas covered with older abandoned works on paper and a plaster-like medium.  I sand and scrape with different tools to create a new texture.  I paint with many layers of acrylic and finish with a matte or gloss varnish.  Upon close inspection you will see my wobbly, hand-painted lines and the drips of paint allowed to remain where they fell.

As I work over several months on each painting, my mind starts to assign the meaning of pattern and color to more narrative elements. They become aerial-view landscapes, tapestries, tributes to ordinary objects. My job as a painter is to take small moments and make them spectacular.

Painting is my lifelong pursuit.  I began my formal training as a young teen, graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in painting and have lived and worked as an artist all over the United States.  I make my home and studio now near Kansas City and travel widely to exhibit my work.