Opening During First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown Nashville

July 5, 6-9PM

The exhibitions continue through August 8, 2014

© Daryl Thetford

© Daryl Thetford

Daryl Thetford | Introducing the World of Daryl Thetford

Daryl Thetford offers fresh perspectives to The Arts Company.  He uses thousands of images he has captured from urban places such as crumbling walls, grafitti, signs, etc. He uses a collection of these images as an urban background for all of his finished pieces. His images come together through his layering of his own images. He creates narratives based on classical themes that are given new life in our urban culture. The resulting photographs are printed on aluminum in small editions and coated by his hand three times to protect and brighten the surfaces, again to reflect the effect of urban life as we know it. His finished photographs come across as narratives that are embedded in the images.


About the Artist:

Daryl Thetford explains a bit of his process for the new pieces featured at The Arts Company.

Daryl Thetford grew up on a hundred-acre farm in Bradford, Tennessee, a small town in the rural northwest corner of the state. His father was a forklift operator who worked in a warehouse, and his mother was a beautician. While they encouraged their son to pursue so-called "practical" avenues of work, they also recognized an early artistic bent, and enrolled him in oil painting lessons--which he loved--at age nine. Although he went on to obtain a graduate degree in counseling from Murray State University, and spent 15 years working as a vocational program director, mental health center manager, and a therapist, his creative juices never dried up. In 2001, when Thetford left mental health to return to his first love, art, he discovered that the psychology of behavior and emotion--everything he'd been studying and practicing for years--flowed neatly into his artistic process. The result is a compelling body of photo collage work that is informed by the richness of the psyche

Daryl's work has been described as graphic, modern, pop, and contemporary, although what to actually call the process has been a larger source of debate; it has been called photo collage, digital art, and digital mixed media. The process begins with Thetford selecting a single, original photographic image followed by a digital layering and combining of dozens of additional original photographs. It is a process, which takes an average of 40 hours. His resulting images range from culturally familiar individual pieces (bikes, cowboys, guitars, cityscapes) to more esoteric series' based on man's inner struggle with modern society or the human sense of isolation in the noise of the modern world. 

Thetford's recent exhibits include a solo show at the Art Museum at the University of Memphis; an invitation-only group show at the Annenberg Space in Los Angeles; a solo show at the Jung Center in Houston, Texas; and an upcoming show at the Coffman Gallery at the University of Minnesota. His work has also been shown at SOFA Contemporary, Art Dallas, Art Chicago, the Knoxville Museum of Art, Mobile Museum of Art  and others, and is in a number of individual and corporate collections across the nation.

 Daryl currently lives with his wife, writer and artist Dana Shavin in Chattanooga, Tennessee. They enjoy travel, great food, great art, and the company of good friends.

Paul & Dorothy Craig | Art, Astronomy, and Light

Paul Craig explaining a few of the pieces in his upcoming exhibition

Art, Astronomy, and Light features unique, hand-made ceramic and stoneware sculptures made by husband and wife duo Paul and Dorothy Craig.  Because of his extensive background in science, Paul's pieces mix the art of clay with the science of Earth and Sky.  His pieces are crafted stoneware, but they are also working scientific instruments: clocks, calendars, star charts, Sun trackers and space-scapes. 

Dorothy Craig's wheel thrown pottery is organic without reflecting one particular theme.  Her collection of luminaries include appliqued pieces using leaves, shells and other natural objects. In addition, many of her pieces are functional and aid in bread proofing, mixing, and battering

About the Artists:

© Paul Craig

© Paul Craig


Paul Craig has worked with Lewis Snyder of Studio S in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for ten years. He specializes in wheel thrown clay and specifically with wheel thrown disks and plates. Craig has mixed the art of the clay with the science of the Earth and Sky. His pieces are crafted stoneware, but they are also working scientific instruments: clocks, calendars, star charts, Sun trackers and space-scapes.

Craig studied astronomy at East Carolina University and later taught astronomy at the college level. Craig is a Professor of Aerospace at Middle Tennessee State University and a Commercial Pilot. He is the author of 13 books on air safety and flight training – among them a book on Navigation that has its roots with primitive scientific instruments. Many such instrument are the basis of the clay pieces that make up the Space & Time collection. 

Paul is a member of the North American Sundial Society, and the only member of the Society creating sundials from clay.



After throwing her first pot in a high school art class, Dorothy began the "clay love" journey!  Although not formally trained in art, her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education took her once again to the wheel where she experimented with clay and other media under the guidance of Dr. Lon Nuell.  Since then, she has studied with Lewis Snyder for ten years at his Murfreesboro, Tennessee studio [Studio S]. 

Dorothy's wheel thrown pottery is organic and doesn't really reflect one particular theme.  However, as a self-taught baker--many of her pieces are functional and aid in bread proofing, mixing, and battering. Her collection of luminaries include appliqued pieces using leaves, shells and anything naturally interesting.. or what she conjures up while fiddling! 

... oh, and she is a Professor of Education at Middle Tennessee State Univeristy...when not throwing, baking, canning, and fiddling. ;-) 

Professional Membership:

  • Potter's Council
  • American Educational Research Association