Marilyn Artus: Her Flags

Show dates: July 1 – July 28
Artist talk with Laura Nugent on June 30 from 5:30 to 7 :00pm
Hosted by Paul Polycarpou, Nashville Arts Magazine

"Being female is my greatest curiosity. It is a neverending resource of joy and heartache that inspires me. My passion is working with materials that are unexpected as a vehicle for fiber making to explore this curiosity.

My recent works consist of ephemera, insignificant things that were meant to only be enjoyed or used for a short time and then discarded. Cleared checks, old slides, tickets, measuring tape, S & H Green Stamps and match book covers to name a few. These things have a lot to say about who we are and how we live. I cut up and sew back together these pieces of our history. Most recently, I have been sewing these pieces onto vinyl. Yes, the fabric store, by the yard, cover your 1950's couch to protect it from the guests, vinyl. I have been beading and sewing on it from 6" all the way to 7' scale. When it is stretched it looks like glass. Most viewers aren't quite sure what it is. The pieces are then coated in layers of resin. I love the sewing and these disposable piece of history encased forever in this high gloss treatment."


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