Guest Q&A with InFlux: Meghan Borland

©Meghan Borland

©Meghan Borland

If you wouldn't mind, tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, etc.

I grew up and went to college in Michigan. I didn't discover clay until college and I have never turned back. Ceramics has taken me to Northern Indiana, Denmark and now Nashville, TN 

When did you start making art and why clay?

I was always creating from a early age and grew up dancing. It wasn't until college that I discovered clay. I took a ceramics and sculpture class simultaneously and everything started to make sense. My work became a tool for me to communicate and really explore ideas. For me that is when I started making 'art'.

What inspires your work?

Things I see, experience, question and try to understand. 

What led you to help start InFlux and why do you think it is important to the culture of ceramic art in middle TN? 

We all come from different clay communities in and outside of Tennessee. We want to work together as a creative group to use our resources and bring the rich diversity of the current ceramic world to Nashville

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Don't over think it.


Meghan's work along with other pieces created by members of InFlux will be on exhibit at The Arts Company until December 23, 2015.