Nashville's Greatest Hits Keep Happening...

by Anne Brown

Thanks to Nashvillians like Bret and Meg MacFayden, who keep things moving.  Just some 10 years ago, they pioneered the idea of setting up an art gallery in East Nashville not long after the 1998 tornado took a lot of buildings and homes away forever.  Today, art and related small businesses are booming in the Five Points area of East Nashville, just a stone's throw from Downtown Nashville.  Not only have the MacFayden's succeeded, but they have set up some small shops next to their gallery, making them available to others who want to set up their small businesses.  


The MacFaydens with their vision and tenacity, along with others of like kind, have pioneered a whole new neighborhood of small business pioneers.  They have become a destination for folks looking for interesting galleries and shops where people can relax and feel welcome in a true neighborhood in the middle of a city whose growth is increasing exponentially.  Bravo for them and their neighbors for giving Nashville yet another new art-based dimension in recent years.


Click here to see a recent video documenting some of the folks who have joined in with them to re-invent East Nashville.  This story of Nashville has already circled the globe.