One Answer for All Your Important Questions

Roy Pace, Artists at Work

Setting up for for our annual avant-garage sale at The Arts Company is a daunting task, with a particular challenge: how to make sense of such a large variety of art, books, decor, furniture, and just plain off-the-charts crazy. It always turns out to be fun. We figure it out as we go along. There is no installation plan upfront, just how to make the mixed variety interesting and appealing.

Vintage cameras of various sizes

More important, how to make everything shockingly affordable. As it shakes down, it always turns out to be a good time for us and for our guests.

Come have fun with us on Saturday, August 7, 6-9 pm during our First Saturday opening. The avant-garage sale will continue upstairs through August 27, if supplies last that long.

And now for the answer:

At The Arts Company's 14th Annual Avant-Garage Sale

Here are the questions:
Where can I find the neatest Beethoven socks in town?
Are there any remaining Obama Hot Flop beach shoes still available?

Do you have any Teenie Harris photographs?

How about lots of miscellaneous neat paintings -- all sizes, different artists, from various collections?

Billyo O'Donnoll, Last Light of the Shermerhorn Construction, 16 x 20''

Where could I find a fabulous old wooden ironing board that would make a great bar?
Where could I find a few pieces of artwork by two legendary Nashville area artists -- Roy Pace and Vannoy Streeter?

How about vintage books, art books, and lamps to read by?

Where can I find great buys on vintage and collectors' posters?

How about a couple of antique tables and a vintage drafting table (also doubles as a bar)?

Where can I find some oriental rugs? A Gee's Bend rug? A rug made of cigarette package wrappers?

Where can I find some vintage tins and jars and boxes to use with my ironing board bar?

Do you have a lot of miscellaneous neat art-related stuff that is shockingly affordable?

At this year's 14th Annual Avant-Garage Sale Saturday, August 7, 6-9 pm
Preview some of the pieces on

Marek Bohemus, Four, 16 x 20''

And while you're here, don't miss all of the Summer Fresh Art that will surround you upstairs and down at 215 Fith Avenue of the Arts, featuring Marek Bohemus' dramatic photographs of "The Majesty of the Horse." Preview his work