Tune In This Sunday: A Note From Anne Brown

Anne Brown and John Seigenthaler on the set of "A Word on Words"

Brother Mel: A Lifetime of Making Art
will be featured on John Seigenthaler's Word on Words on NPT (Channel 8) Sunday, April 11, 10:30 am, when John talks with me about who Brother Mel is and why I wrote a book about him and his artwork.

Typically, John focuses on books about politics, history, and literature, but not necessarily things artistic. However, something about Brother Mel's extraordinary life and his accomplishments as an artist elicited an enthusiastic response from him in this case.

John Seigenthaler's lifelong passion for books and words is obvious in this interview as in all the others he has hosted on NPT over the last 39 years. He greeted me full of enthusiasm for Brother Mel's story and his art. His questions, observations, and responses all indicated that he was thoroughly versed in the book and was ready to explore its subject matter in depth. Rather than being the wise sage that we all know he is, he continues to come across one on one as being a young man anxious to know more about where the writer and the book were coming from. That's part of the magic of his wisdom. It's no wonder that he has had so many viewers for this weekly program.

For me, it was a double honor - first, to be representing Brother Mel's life as an artist and a monk, and then to be seated across from one of the premier book interviewers in the country. It doesn't get any better. Tune in if you can.

Anne Brown and John Seigenthaler following the "A Word on Words" interview