Coming Soon to the Arts Company

This coming Saturday, April 3, 6-9 pm, we will be setting up a Trailer Park Drive-In Theatre in our Avant-Garage Gallery at The Arts Company, mixing art and film. Selected trailers to be premiered this year at the Nashville Film Festival (April 15-22) will be projected onto one of the garage walls. Nashville Film Festival Planners will be on hand to meet and greet our guests and clue them in on what new films are coming this year. Representatives from the Watkins College of Art Filmaking Department will also be available to offer information about their film programs.

Our host for the event will be Nashville's own Elaine Wood, an artist in her own right and an avowed film groupie, on hand to greet guests in a great trailer park drive-in theatre she will set up and host in our Avant-Garage space. Elaine's diminutive Scamp trailer, hand-painted and outfitted by Elaine, is an artistic happening in its own right. We want guests to enjoy trailer art and hospitality as a backdrop for checking out film trailers from the forthcoming festival.

Other artistic highlights in connecting art, film, and hospitality include: larger-than-life 3-D gallery-goers created by Denise Stewart-Sanabria, located throughout the space to invite conversation with guests; and a group of Brother Mel's new pieces from his "On the Town" series, to be placed on the wall as on-site art and film critics for the evening.

The Avant-Garage gallery is situated on the way from our downstairs galleries to our upstairs galleries. Our front gallery downstairs will be full of April Street's gorgeous and intricate new paintings--accompanied by April herself on hand to meet and greet gallery-goers. And, as always, who knows what we will be showing in our upstairs galleries?

The Arts Company is pulling out all the stops to call attention to one of our primary Partners in Art--the Nashville Film Festival. It's our down home artsy way of presenting this year's preview of the festival, just barely two weeks before the films start rolling. As the film festival folks like to say it: "Something wonderful is about to happen."