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April comes but once a year, so listen up!

The Arts Company is always aflutter when we present April Street's work each year. Last year we missed presenting her new work in a Fall show as usual, because her opportunities in Los Angeles would not allow yet another full body of exhibition-ready work all in the same year. But not wanting to wait through another year, we persuaded her to make an exhibition of new work for us in the Spring this year.

April is one of the hardest working artists we know, and one of the most inventive. Many of our customers have had a chance to meet and talk with her over the last decade. It is unfailingly interesting to follow her annual shifts into new ideas and challenges she creates for herself as an artist. This year is no exception. Those who already know her look forward to seeing what her work is like this year. Is it figurative or abstract or...? Those who haven't had a chance to meet her will want to know how on earth she can produce such intricate and thoughtful work - all by her hand, no gimmicks - and so much of it in just a year's time.

She will be at our place for her First Art Saturday opening reception this Saturday, April 3, from 6-9 pm. Now is your chance to catch up with this deluxe artist who is always willing to talk with folks personally about how she makes the paintings she makes.