"Steven Walker", "painting"

Nashville Town and Country

The February exhibit of Steven Walker's new paintings of "Nashville Town and Country" has been a long time coming, because of the demand for the work of this rising young artist in other cities. We scheduled this new series as soon as he felt he could complete the work after his last show. Steven's canvases are reminiscent of Edward Hopper's. Each new canvas has more abstract details than the last. We have not seen all of the canvases to be in the exhibit, but we are certain that they will be fresh and very well executed. To see a young painter interested in the traditional techniques of realism, but adding his own brand of insight and abstraction is particularly exciting to The Arts Company.

Steven's first passion in painting is clicking photographs of landscapes while riding down the highway. Typically, his landscapes are seen from a broad distance. But he also excels in selecting urban buildings and urban landscapes as subjects for his paintings. This particular exhibit focuses on both the town and country parts of Nashville. Seeing Nashville downtown up close and landscapes outside the city limits, presented side by side, offers a new context for thinking about this particular city through the eyes of a painter who is only recently acquainted with Nashville. He paints us as we are--a sophisticated and complex city in the middle of trees and farmhouses.

Steven will be in town to talk with guests during the First Saturday opening, 6-9 PM, February 6.