"Lou Outlaw", "photographs"

Jubilation: The Obama Inauguration One Year Later

Lou Outlaw (aka Lucius Outlaw, Associate Provost at Vanderbilt University) has been a serious student of photography for many years. When he went to Washington last January to be part of the Obama inauguration, he reacted as a photographer. Instead of focusing on Obama taking the oath, at that very moment he could not resist capturing images of the impassioned response of a lady nearby who was totally into the moment of Obama's taking the oath. Lou turned his attention to her and started snapping. He called those moments "Jubilation." The resulting photographs are paired with some images he took a couple of years ago of the Nashville Freedom Riders re-convening in Nashville to re-take the famed civil rights bus ride from Nashville to Birmingham.

Lou has had a distinguished lifetime of personal and professional involvement in black history and civil rights, and has found his own way through photography to express his emotional and intellectual response to historic occasions that mark that part of our common history.

The Arts Company has invited Lou to be our guest during Art After Hours (Thursday, February 4, 5-7 PM). A conversation with Lou begins at 6 PM.