"Nicole Katano", "flowers"

The Art of Flowers: Nicole Katano

“The ultimate point,” Katano says, “isn’t to tell people what to see or think. It is to make them feel.”

Nicole Katano's stunning diptychs memorize any whose eyes fall upon them. They are honest pieces of work seamlessly combining two everyday objects to create a harmonious image. Subject matter ranges from flowers to buildings and hits on everything in between capturing not only seasons and intense color but also emotion. These emotions are what draw people to her work.

Recently, The Arts Compnay has had the opportunity to frame some newer works by Nicole Katano. With each having its own story to tell, viewers are able to have an emotional, immeidate and non-verbal interaction with the work.

We hope you enjoy the works below and feel free to come
in at anytime to see more of Nicole Katano's work!


Botanical Gate