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Music Fever Has Hit

Even though Nashville is always Music City this week during the CMT Music Festival and Awards Nashville is truly a place that will eat, breathe, and sleep music. Thousands of people flood the city to hear their favorite musicians and to take part in the annual event. In addition to the CMT Music Festival, not far from Nashville in Manchester, TN, Bonnaroo is held featuring musical artists for four days. These two events would be any music lover's dream.

Even if you are not able to come to Music City to participate in all of the festivities here are some pieces of art from our gallery artists that will help you feel like you are here! Just turn up your stereo and scroll.

If you are in town we would love to see you! Stop by on your way to a concert and see what music related works we have and who knows who you may run into!

The Stage - Kimiko

The Best Days of My Life - Bob McGill

Mose Vinson - Bill Steber

Beatles - Lamar Sorrento
Painted Steel Guitar - Brother Mel

A Lonesome Song - Charles Keiger