"Artist of the week", "aggie zed"

Artist of the Week: Aggie Zed

We recently received a new shipment of Aggie Zed sculptures in the mail. Two boxes full! It was like Christmas, we love getting any new artwork in but two boxes filled to the brim with small porcelain people and creatures is a real treat, especially since we had no idea who we would find in the boxes. It turns out that within an hour: 19 people, 5 elephants, 5 fish, 5 cats, and 4 bull trophies appeared and created a small army on our table. These fascinating sculptures seem to intrigue all audiences who can't help but stare into their small little eyes and marvel at their ever so delicate fingers. Even the animals are mystifying due to their mid-action poses. Aggie Zed sculpts with the intention of presenting art with humor and poignancy both of which are achieved through her fist sized figures.

If you are an Aggie Zed lover or are just hearing about her for the first time please stop in to take a look. You will be delighted with what you see and will more than likely be able to relate to one of these small figures as they all have a personality all their own.

Box one FULL of petite sculptures

The first out of the box, elephants on parade

Brian proudly displaying what he just unwrapped

Our new sculpture army!

The aftermath - two empty boxes and lots of packing material.