"Brother Mel"


Many of you are familiar with Brother Mel and his work and love him just as much as we do here at The Arts Company. Even if you are not in the know about Brother Mel he will not take long to win over your heart. In two weeks, Brother Mel will be here for our FirstArtSaturday opening  ( June 6, 6-9 PM) as he makes his 11th annual pilgrimage to Nashville, TN. This year Brother Mel will celebrate his 81st birthday, including over 60 years of being a Marianist brother in a Catholic Community and over 50 years as a full-time artist. 

In addition to presenting his annual exhibition, The Arts Company is in the process of publishing a book about Brother Mel's lifetime of making art.  The book follows Brother Mel from his early years and continues through his joining the Marianist community, his education, his travel, and the prolific body of artwork he has produced over the last 50 years.  The 200-page book will be previewed in June and available in early fall.  It is filled with images of the diverse styles and mediums he has employed in his work that numbers over 10,000 documented pieces.  It also details the story of his life and work heretofore available, offing insight into a most unusual artist.

Below is a page from the Brother Mel book for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy and we will make sure to post additional pages in the weeks that lead up to Brother Mel's arrival here in Nashville.