"Andy Todd", "Carl Plansky", "Curt Ginther", "David Benson", "David Swanagin", "Jeff Hand", "Kimiko", "Steven Walker"

New Work Alert - Insider View

The past few days have been very busy here as we try to get ready for our May opening featuring Fresh Art by new artists as well as new works by gallery artists. All of the work seems to be coming in all at the same time and is creating an energized environment and actually quite a mess around the gallery.

Let's take a look at the stats so far with five artists in the door and three more to go.

Here is what we have so far:

David Benson = 19 works
Carl Plansky = 3 work
Kimiko = 21 new works
Curt Ginther = 11 works
Jeff Hand = 5 new works

Grand total on Tuesday at 5:00pm = 59!!!!

In addition to these artists mentioned we are expecting a visit from A
ndy Todd, David Swanagin, and Steven Walker in the next few days to add to the total number of pieces of art that have come in this week. We will keep you up to date on the running tally of works. For the time being here are some images of us processing the new works. Enjoy and feel free to come in, look around, and be the first to see what we have coming up.