Artist of the Week: Kudos to Keiger

Chariot Dream, oil on panel, 20 x 18"

Charles Keiger is the kind of artist you hope to encounter in this life. He is smart, unassuming, has a life, is compelled to make art -- and he is articulate about the mysteries he creates with oil on canvas or wood. He is also ahead of the curve. He has his own blog that he has just started. Do yourself a favor and check into it. In an economic downturn, his art continues, because it must. He responds to the foibles and realities of our culture in a way only an artist can do. He helps us see what we are seeing. He makes meaning of the daily confusions with the specifics of his art.

For the rest of the story, go straight to his blog at

We have a few of Charles' paintings in the gallery, and hope to get more soon. We are particularly interested in his quick-sketch studies. There's nothing neater than seeing an artist's mind working out an idea. Here's his take on the state of mind of an artist today: "Painting knows no recession and I am pleased with what's going on in the studio."

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