Makin' it Fresh

Hey Art Lovers!

For those of you who know The Arts Company well, and for those who don't, welcome to The Arts Company Blog. The Arts Company has and will forever be based on the principles of fresh, original, contemporary and affordable. In an effort to stay fresh we have broken into the cyber world with quite some thunder, the blog being the "frame on our painting". Here at The Arts Company we realize the importance of the internet along with the power of virtual communities. Not only are we interested in getting the word out about our exhibitions and happenings but we are more interested in becoming part of a conversation between galleries, artists, art lovers, museums, and anyone interested. Everyone here at The Arts Company will be contributing to the blog and we ask that you do the same through your comments that can be added under any post. As stated before we cannot promise what you will find on here but be assured it will always be interesting, thoughtful, and quirky. We will also try to throw in surprises along the way like insider looks into the gallery and maybe even a few competitions with prizes! The blog will not take the place of the actual gallery experience but hopefully it will hold you over until you can come visit us again. We hope you enjoy reading and will come visit us soon.