Lamp designer Jim Suruda is fascinated by the objects left behind when technology evolves.  Suruda repurposes obsolete equipment from the last century: cathode ray tube testers, electric pencil sharpeners, and Soviet era scientific symbol display bulbs.  "So many beautiful and quirky pieces of equipment are unwanted and forgotten, because they were created for a purpose that no longer exists;" he has said.  "why not give these things another chance to be useful, to be loved?"  He might start a lamp from a solid block of salvaged Tennessee barn wood, fit it with a metal plate from an abandoned factory in Illinois, then add new porcelain and steel lamp fittings, and an exhaust temperature gauge from a 1960s military helicopter.  Suruda crafts each lamp with new sockets, wiring, and switches, while being mindful to retain the character and quality of the original object.  His work is about redemption: turning the obsolete into lamps that bring warmth, light, and comfort. 

Jim Suruda has previously worked as commercial fisherman, bicycle messenger, and medical research subject.