Jim Jobe’s work holds consistent ties to themes of connections, interconnections, and perception. Vacillating between pure abstraction and an eccentric combination of abstract and representational elements, Jim’s work often includes interpretations from nature, observations on perceptual awareness, and a keen interest in the use and influence of structure as both a natural phenomenon, and a unifying visual element.

Born in Buffalo, New York, Jim spent his youth in a military family traveling throughout the United States and abroad, finally moving from Athens, Greece and settling in the southeast. Working as an artist, art educator, and strong advocate for arts education, he has earned a B.S. in art education, as well as a B.F.A. and Masters degree in fine art. Jim divides his time in the studio between a communal art setting and working in periods of isolation, and on wilderness treks. His work has been included in group and solo shows, as well as private and corporate collections throughout the southeast.

Primarily a painter, Jim works in several disciplines and mediums. The corresponding imagery and symbols that emerge in his pieces, both personal and universal, contribute toward creating work with an intuitive appeal that is intriguing as well as accessible.