"My Fragment series represents my visual and emotional response to upheavals, man-made and natural, that seem to be occurring around us at an alarming rate. I see lives turning upside down and then moving instinctively into survival mode. There is an energy found in the chaotic aftermath. Not an energy we respond to consciously, but one that keeps keeps us going nonetheless. Like a good many artists my works are filtered through my experiences, beliefs and emotions. These panels are abstracted views of bits of remaining color that I see on the surface of rubble left by bombings, tornadoes, tsunamis and other disasters. They are also an acknowledgement of lives lost and lives finding their way to persevere in their changing world."

For Jan Chenoweth art has been a life-long pursuit
enriched by her formative years in South Florida and
unquenched wanderlust.  She was born in Miami Beach
Florida in 1945 and after many stops along the way,  
now resides and works in Chattanooga, TN.  Her BFA
studies were primarily at the University of Illinois and
Virginia Intermont College with a concentration in
painting. She received her MFA in Studio Arts with a
  sculpture concentration from Florida State University. 
Her early years in the tropics provided a rich stimulus
for the sense of color and texture that have remained
a vital part of her art throughout her career.
Colors, forms and structures have always been starting
 points for her art.