Nashville native James Threalkill is a painter whose artwork celebrates acclamation for life well lived.  The vibrant palette, gamut of texture, and subtle abstraction that he exhibits in his paintings exude a feeling of vigor, entice a sense of spontaneity, explore resonance within a still image.  Such artistic practice characterizes a style of work described as Expressive Realism, an area of painting that teases the tension between figurative and nonrepresentational art.  Because of this, Threalkill’s work demonstrates harmony with the subjects he frequently depicts: jazz musicians entranced in moments of lyrical spontaneity.               
Threalkill’s endeavors have received national recognition. Collaborating with artist Michael McBride and Metro Nashville school teachers Gracie Porter, Claudette Mitchell and Patricia Cousins, they developed a groundbreaking children's book series titled Visions: African American Experiences, which was featured on the television program "Sesame Street." Threalkill's artwork has also been featured in international films and television series including "Snow Dogs" with Cuba Good, Jr. and James Coburn, "The Jamie Foxx Show" and "Living Single."  Threalkill continues to reside in Nashville.