Side by Side | February 2019


February 2 - 26

Opening Reception:

During FIrstBank FIrst Saturday Art Crawl

february 2 6-9 PM

Side by Side showcases contemporary diptychs from current and new gallery artists.  Highlighting a diversity of styles, materials and techniques, featured artists were asked to create new pieces reflecting February's diptych theme.  Works will range from traditional diptychs to pieces that offer a unique take on the diptych style.

A diptych is a work of art formed in two parts.  Traditional diptychs were first created centuries ago by artists who would carve religious scenes into two flat panels that were joined by a hinge and presented as altarpieces and icons.   In more recent decades, contemporary artists have used diptychs to explore new ideas and ways of presenting art.  Whether through a landscape scene extending across two panels, an abstract painting with similar color values or a juxtaposition of contrasting concepts, artists continue to innovate how to shift the intention and evolve the diptych tradition.  In the Side by Side exhibition, current and new gallery artists will present a vast array of styles, techniques, colors and concepts.  From bi-folded game boards with hand-stitched sequins, to exploring the idea of “reflection as diptych,” to bold colors, shapes and sizes of abstract pieces, artists will showcase their own signature styles in these contemporary diptych works.    

Featured artists include:

Cassidy Cole

Nick DeFord

Ke Francis

Mandy Rogers Horton

Charles Ivey, Bill Steber

Denise Stewart-Sanabria

Daryl Thetford and more.