Slow Roads Tennessee:

A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways


december 5-23


"Humphreys Co, Junkyard Bookmobile, Hwy 13" ©Jerry Park

"Humphreys Co, Junkyard Bookmobile, Hwy 13" ©Jerry Park


Slow Roads Tennessee:  A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways by Jerry Park explores how one can travel 20 - 25 miles away from the four urban centers of Tennessee and see what you might have seen 50 or 75 years ago. Both the people and the scenery reflect the honored customs that have imbued this land for generations. Slow Roads Tennessee captures that essence in image and word. In order to portray the timelessness of the countryside, the artist stayed off the main roads and used a $25 plastic film camera with its inherent light leaks, soft focus and dark corners, similar in look to cameras from another time. Two years and almost 11,000 slow road miles in the making, Park selected a single photograph from each of the state’s 95 counties. He then composed short stories and a couple of poems that accompany 17 of the images that seemed to have something extra to say. 

A native of North Carolina, Jerry Park has resided in Tennessee since moving here in 1986. His time since retiring in early 2007 has been spent mostly with his passion for photography.  Before reaching his current status, he was engaged in a number of varied careers.  After 3 years in the US Army, he spent the next nine years with Xerox in sales and sales management.  The following 17 years were immersed in the music business, first as a sales rep for a Christian music publisher and record company and ultimately as president of the company for the final 7 years. 

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Official Press Release: December 5-23: Slow Roads Tennessee: A Photographic Journey Down Timeless Byways by Jerry Park

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"Chaos Theory 33," encaustic on panel, 16x16in. ©Charles Ivey

"Chaos Theory 33," encaustic on panel, 16x16in. ©Charles Ivey


As part of Fresh Art for the Holidays, New Encaustic Paintings by Charles Ivey spotlights an art genre also known as hot wax painting which is a process using heated beeswax. Whether he is working in Venetian plaster, encaustic, or acrylics, once the paint is on the board or canvas he “works” the surface through various techniques. This is where his work becomes truly unique. The process that he uses is one of applying layers of paint and then removing certain aspects of the layers in order to finally reveal the finished piece. He uses cradled panel exclusively as the foundation for his Venetian plaster pieces. Charles believes that using this high-grade structure enables the finished piece of art to achieve an even higher level of quality. The result for this artist’s current exhibit are colorful complex abstract paintings that appeal to a vast audience.

Charles Ivey, spending most of his life in Tennessee, has created art in just about every medium from welding steel to photography. Charles is currently working in acrylics and Venetian plaster. Inspiration for his work includes antiquated architecture, rust patterns on metal, and other artists’ work such as Mark Rothko.


Official Press Release: December 5-23: New Encaustic Paintings by Charles Ivey