David Farmerie

With a background in photojournalism, David has photographed three U.S. presidents and several Presidential races, along with the Solidarity Movement in Poland, and the Peace Conferences between The Zapatista Revolutionary Group and the Mexican Government. He has also worked with clients such as BBC Television, Paramount Pictures, Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and The Broadway Series.

In 1995, David focused his passion for telling stories even deeper. His inaugural project, that seemed to signify this refinement, was “A Mountain Dignity”: a, highly acclaimed, in-depth photographic documentary into the culture of the Appalachian people. He has also worked with and documented the Mayan cultures, living throughout Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

After moving to Nashville, David’s vision expanded into Fine Art Photography. Still creating from the place of a storyteller and documentarian, David is quick to expound on the influences that living in the South has had on him and his work. This evolution began with “Uncovering Mona” and “Discovering Nikki,” two photographic explorations into a woman’s self-discovery.