The Winter Season Begins: Part 1

1_Dan  Bynum_24 x 24_Mixed Media.jpg

Dan bynum

roundabout reasonings

Vintage wallpaper paintings | november 2018

Dan Bynum’s current body of work, titled “Roundabout Reason,” is a distillery of idiosyncrasies and archetypes of pondering and dwelling. Each of the eight panels narrate thought pattern, as if we produce our own cloud quilt. Visual elements are morphed into a silent movie, resulting in a tale of the human condition. Vintage wallpaper is used to suggest the interior soul of a home and humanity. Bynum erases and reworks, building up layers of images much like he and his childhood friends did on the sidewalk.

Bynum’s work resides somewhere between the neighborhood sidewalk and today.


Dan Bynum began his art career with a B.A. in Art Studio from The University of Alabama, Birmingham, followed by studying with Sotheby’s Institute of Art in 2015. Since 2000, he has been featured in dozens of solo and group shows in various cities, including in Nashville at Estel Gallery and Tag Gallery a few years ago. The Arts Company is pleased to show his latest series to his Nashville friends and collectors.