Tad DeSanto

Tad DeSanto developed an interest in art when he was in his twenties, and he was increasingly drawn to make art and continued to create things over the years. When he retired, he began seriously exploring his ideas and experimenting with an expanding variety of visual media. DeSanto employs unusual combinations of materials to achieve striking, often tongue-in-cheek images that reflect on life and politics. His work frequently incorporates written inscriptions. However, unlike some self-styled, outsider artists who use and reuse certain slogans in their work, DeSanto’s text is specific to the art.

Joshua Huettig

Joshua Huettig is a self-taught artist and has been painting since 2007. The sudden passing of his father, and the depression that followed, made him realize that he had to push out creative energy into the world, because the very nature of creation itself is making something that is meaningful and living. Most of the wood that he paints on is pulled out of the Ohio River or is found in near-by creeks or garbage piles. Using mostly house paint he has collected over the years, he paints images that search for the balance between the primitive and the spiritual.

Robert Morgan

Robert Morgan grew up in Lexington where he spent time with artist and mentor Henry Faulkner and was active in the alternative art scene in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He was impactedby the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s that galvanized his focus as a serious artist. There is an intriguing parallel between those rejected by society and the basic materials used by Morgan from which he assembles his sculpture. Most of his work is made from “found objects.”  Overall, his work incorporates religious myth and symbolism from other cultures reconstituted and combined to present a new and optimistic vision. 

Bruce New

Bruce New has made things as far back as his teens. As an adult, he fell and was injured while working in construction. His injuries required a lengthy recuperation, and it was then that he became engrossed in art. Books from the local library inspired him to experiment with style and media, exploring art from different periods and from cultures around the world. His present style emerged while creating a lot of art, from repetition in his own work. His work has been shown in New York, Chicago, and elsewhere.