Cassidy Cole is an artist living and working in Nashville, TN, where she landed after graduating from Belmont University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history and theatre.  Her background in travel, culture and improvisation led her to approach painting as a creative collaboration with her life experiences.

In a form of visual experimentation, Cole brings questions to the studio and works them out using colors, lines and textures. 


Painting is how I make sense of what I’ve experienced. I see color, lines and textures all around me and by trying to re-create them with my own perspective is how I understand their true natures. My recent work is a visual representation of feelings passing through. Inescapable and sometimes more powerful than our own self-will, feelings can penetrate our beings and flood our minds without the slightest hint of warning. Rather than trying to control or manipulate them, I am taking the journey alongside, attempting to paint the root of why they are there at all. Each painting ultimately seeks to find balance and peace in the midst of chaos.