Brett Weaver

Brett is primarily a self taught artist. His brief introduction to formal art training began as a Civil Engineering Student at Tennessee Tech when he was accepted directly into 'advanced studio painting' as a non art major after presenting a portfolio of work to the professor.

After painting landscapes for 10 years, Weaver began also painting abstracts to open up a new world of creativity allowing him to experiment with colors and expression in the use of paint, beyond that which he has experienced in the landscape. Opening up this new perception of color and composition has also allowed him to develop more expressive landscapes. His abstracts are primarily minimalist and non representational. They are based on ideas, emotions and energy that develop as each painting evolves through layers of color and texture. He believes that being safe and obligated to one style can only stifle ones creativity and keep you from growing as an artist. His main goal in his abstract work is to say very much with very little and take the viewer to a state of seeing and experiencing what is perhaps not even there.

Weaver's influences range from Edgar Payne and Twachtman to Diebenkorn and de Stael. Brett has won numerous awards with his landscapes and his work is in public and private collections including the Tennessee State Museum.