About the Avant-Garage Sale:

The Avant-Garage Sale is the annual destination for visitors to explore the gallery vaults through a boutique and affordable arts market, featuring a Collectors Choice Area, including a collection of 10 original folk art wood sculptures by O.L. Samuels, a selection of iconic rock and roll posters, and other original rarely-seen artwork from private collections. Vintage pieces are always a primary part of the sale, featuring tables, a wooden file drawer and printer’s cabinet, vinyl albums, CD’s, art books, miscellaneous frames, along with a variety of other small and large items. Even the most avid connoisseurs will be surprised by some of the items in this year’s collection. 

According to gallery owner Anne Brown, “The Avant-Garage Sale has become one of our most popular annual events at The Arts Company. From rare artwork from private collections to vintage handmade furniture gems to the most unusual pieces of folk art, this year’s sale offers opportunities to discover a diversity of favorites at affordable prices. In addition, we’ve added the Avant-Garage Auction as a sneak peak of the sale, giving another element of surprise to this once-a-year chance to explore our gallery archives and add to your personal collections.” 

Short Preview of Items for Sale