About the Exhibit:

Opening during First Saturday, April 5, 6-9 pm, The Arts Company has commissioned three canvases—Nashville Celebrity Fashion-- by Los Angeles-based Devin Crain, whose paintings are inspired by his own fashions that offer rich narratives through his dynamic figurative portraits. The exhibit, Nashville Celebrity Fashion, will be on view during regular gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday through May 9.

Artist Devin Crane has painted numerous portraits of socialites and professional models, styling and designing most of the gowns and dresses in his paintings. He chooses to stylize the features of his subjects in his own style and technique.  His work gives a fashion twist to the art of portrait painting. “Fashion allows us to continually redefine both our silhouettes and redefine ourselves,” states Crane. “I think fashion should push boundaries, be beautiful and interesting. I try and incorporate a strong narrative in all the dresses I design for my paintings. Through fashion we project to the world how we feel about ourselves in a given moment.” Devin Crane’s work has been featured in galleries in Los Angeles and Europe.

Nashville Celebrity Fashion         by Devin Crane       

Nashville Celebrity Fashion

by Devin Crane 

Crane has been in the film business in Los Angeles for 18 years, and currently works as a lead designer with DreamWorks, after experience with Disney and other studios. His paintings are created after hours in his own studio. 

rEVOLution of Joy:  An Installation by       Trés       Taylor With 

rEVOLution of Joy:  An Installation by Trés Taylor With 

About the Artist:

Trés Taylor is a multimedia artist who was a biochemist for nearly 12 years. After visiting Georgia folk artist RA Miller 15 years ago, Trés began painting about spiritual seeking, peace, and joy. His subjects are typically monks, couples, and houses, and are always the subjects and symbols of love. Tres’ medium is house paint and acrylics on tarpaper with putty, which enables him to draw freely, carving strong black lines.  Taylor has exhibited in Japan, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas and California.  He resides in Birmingham, Alabama, with his wife and two stepchildren.

About the Exhibit:

Opening during First Saturday, April 5, 6-9 pm, the artwork (including painting, sculpture, and video), expresses visual metaphors turning inward as the way to find where joy resides.Trés often draws inspiration from the Sufi poet, Rumi, and for this art installation, Trés includes imagery of the Sufi whirling dervish. The dervish’s dance is a moving meditation: as he revolves, he slips into ecstasy. In the Sufi tradition, this whirling allows for the ego to dissolve and for the divine to come through.  Taylor draws on this imagery to speak metaphorically about the necessity for turning inward and for getting in touch with personal joy. The exhibit will be on view during regular gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday through May 9.

With revolving as the central theme, Taylor approaches this multi-media installation as an inward discovery depicted in outward beauty. Elements of the show will include a miniature theater featuring video, original works on tarpaper expressing ecstatic dance and songs of turning, and a window display of textile designs influenced by Magical Realism by his daughter and designer, Lillis Taylor. Under her company label Tré Lilli, she will contribute design elements and wearable fashion that complement Trés art, including her “Monks on the Runway” series of note cards and t-shirts. A portion of the proceeds will benefit her non-profit sew-op, Bib and Tucker, a group of sewers based in an under-served inner city neighborhood in Birmingham.



Also previewing a forthcoming retrospective     by     Norman Lerner

Also previewing a forthcoming retrospective by Norman Lerner