APRIL 2019 | chroma


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APRil 6-25

Opening reception:

During first bank first Saturday Art Crawl

April 6 6-9 PM

About the Exhibition

The Arts Company is proud to introduce the work of South Carolina artist Eva Magill-Oliver in her first exhibition with the gallery.  CHROMA, which is defined as the purity or intensity of color, will feature small-scale works on paper and canvas from the artist, showcasing intense color, pattern, shapes and design inspired by the natural world.  Nature inspires Magill-Oliver’s color palettes and patterns, informing the organic shapes and silhouettes prevalent throughout her work.

 “As every artist goes further and further down a certain artistic path or calling, it is not really ever the final result that compels them to do so,” says Magill-Oliver.  “It is, in the end, the love for the process that makes this decision for them.  Passion and dedication to the process itself is what makes a true artist.” 

CHROMA will give viewers a glimpse into the process and the graceful work of Magill-Oliver.  According to curator Brian Downey, “Gallery guests who visit this exhibition will enter an environment that will, at times, feel more like you are visiting the artist’s studio rather than a formal gallery exhibition.  In addition to paintings on canvas and framed paper works, some of the pieces will be unframed and clipped to the wall in interesting groupings and installations.  We want to create a warm, welcoming environment of creativity, contemplation, and color – vivid, beautiful color.  The striking spectrum of colors in Eva’s work was the inspiration for the exhibition title.”  In reference to her work, Magill-Oliver states, “Bright contrasting colors add interest and conflict.  Mixed media can add depth and texture.  Contour line work can depict the female form, grandiose architecture, organic shapes, and distant horizons.  It holds a resonating power of the simplicity of human expression.”

 About the Artist

Eva Magill-Oliver is a visual artist currently living and working in Greenville, S.C.  She received her B.F.A. from the University of Georgia in Athens.  She worked as an in-house artist and designer at a publishing company in Atlanta before pursuing a career as an independent artist.  She is the author of Paint Alchemy: Exploring Process-Driven Techniques through Design, Pattern, Color, Abstraction, Acrylic and Mixed Media, which was published by Quarry Books in 2018.  Magill-Oliver creates delicate, meditative collages, drawings and paintings that reflect and explore different elements of the natural world.  She has worked primarily on paper over the past several years but has recently expanded her work to include mixed media abstract paintings on canvas.  The work represented in CHROMA is organic and playful and represents the continuously dynamic evolution found in the natural world. 

 In March 2019, Nike announced its partnership with Magill-Oliver, whose artwork was chosen to be featured on a new collection of running apparel and accessories for women.  Her intention for this collection is to connect runners with the environment around them.  The result is a dynamic collection of printed patterns of fluid brushstrokes – which invoke plant life, the flow of water, and the horizon, helping to calm the mind.  Her exhibition at The Arts Company will showcase work in the same vein, and reveal a playful curiosity and a love of the natural world.  Magill-Oliver is an artist on the rise, and The Arts Company is thrilled to bring her work to Nashville.