New Work by Daryl Thetford

April 7-26



Daryl Thetford.png

The Arts Company presents an exhibition of the most recent contemporary photographic collage works by Daryl Thetford. This new series offers new perspectives of people in the midst of cityscapes, public protests, and the challenges of a changing culture we are all living through.

Growing up in rural Tennessee, Thetford is fascinated by all things urban.  As a result, his artistry has been dominated by metropolitan skyscrapers, lights, and colors; as well as the individuals who populate these street-filled landscapes.  Urban backdrops set the stage for a throwback to the days when cities were idealized with all their fortunes and flaws.  In the case of the protests, the less romanticized visions are seen offering a more complex and balanced view of the cities.  These particular works often show men and women in contemporary settings dealing with time, career, money, distraction, and media in all forms.  Thetford notes that “As in past exhibits, optimistic jugglers are used as ambiguous symbols ‘juggling’ careers, relationships and finances.  As the balls go up in the air, they also come down; and as the sequences happen over and over again, the balls come full circle, creating better balance,” continuing, “The black and white works deliberate the concept of ‘The Circle,’ representing the meaning of life and the juxtaposition of Prosperity and Decline; Honor and Disgrace; Praise and Blame; and Pleasure and Suffering.  The Buddhists describe the concept as the ‘eight winds,’ in which a human should accept a balance of both good and bad, to truly become a whole person.”  

This new series showcases an interactive view of life that, if truly experienced, comes full circle.