The Arts Company presents The World of Brad Sells:  Sculptor in Wood, featuring selections from the artist’s studio, highlighted by sculpted bowls, wall pieces, and large figurative sculpture.  Sells’ artistic reputation, strong work ethic, and recognition of his unique skills have led to invitations to travel and carve rare woods on distant continents, and to have his work exhibited in museums and private collections throughout the world.  The exhibition opens April 4, during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, 6PM-9PM, and continues through April 24, during regular gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday.


Brad Sells has attracted collectors and museums to his wide range of skills both as a carver and as a sculptor of wood.  Gradually, he has been more drawn to the sculpting side, using selected pieces of wood to shape bowls, abstract wall pieces, and stand-alone figurative sculpture.  He has selected woods from around the world—including, at one point, a fallen tree in Georgia O’Keeffe’s back yard in her Abiquiu, NM fabled home—to create sculpture that pairs the character and spirit of the wood with his own observations of science and nature.  Sells has begun to explore more of his large sculptural interests and discover new ways to think about wood as offering special opportunities to experiment in artistic form and the aesthetic qualities offered uniquely by wood as a prime artistic material.

Brad Sells has established his credentials as a well-recognized artist, with his work in prestigious institutions such as the Smithsonian institution, Renwick Gallery; the Detroit Institute of Art; the Museum of Art & Design, NYC; Cincinnati Museum of Art, Knoxville Museum of Art, Tennessee State Museum, and the Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.  His work is also in the Music City Center Collection and The Art of Community: Janet and Jim Ayers Collection of Tennessee Art, among others.  

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A Trip to Annecy, a documentary photographic series by Anne Goetze

The Arts Company presents A Trip to Annecy, a documentary photographic series by Anne Goetze, featuring the artists photographic memoir of Annecy, France - where she visited her Aunt Helen, who lived the contemplative life of a closed cloister nun.  In this exhibit, Goetze shows the lifestyle of a 400-year-old monastery and a small provincial town that is one of the oldest cities in the Alps.   The exhibition opens April 4, during First Saturday Art Crawl Downtown, 6PM-9PM, and continues through April 24, during regular gallery hours, 11AM-5:00PM, Tuesday-Saturday.

About the Exhibition

A Trip to Annecy is Anne Goetze’s photographic journal, capturing the city’s scenic Lake Annecy and the River Thiou; through the old town cobblestone streets and the steep climb to the top of the mountain—and to the edge of a forest—to  the  final destination —  The Monestere de la Visitation.   Behind the ancient tall stone walls lies a disappearing community of nuns, including the artist’s Aunt Helen, known as Soeur Margarite Marie.  She chose to become a nun in this particular order and lived within the walls of this monastery until her death decades later.  Goetze made many visits to Annecy, each time gathering impressions through photography and documentation. She printed the photographs in black and white, and then began painting them with the intention of creating a visual poetry through the combined process of printing and painting the images - interpreting and expressing the soul and spirit of Annecy that so long ago had attracted her aunt.  She became immersed in the painting process, placing the life of the nuns in the middle of old town Annecy. The images not only intend to capture the history and beauty of this place in the middle of the majestic Alps, but also show the freedom experienced by the nuns’ simple way of living, even into the 21st century.  

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