Anne Brown

Through a variety of partners, Brown has paired her expertise in the arts with businesses that seek to identify fresh approaches to include original art as a central part of their business model. Her specialties include: expertise in the purchasing, design, and installation of artwork; preparing budgets including management of expenses; creating promotional materials that include art as an integral part of the business brand; and developing guidelines for establishing art as an important part of the ongoing brand for exemplary civic and business projects. Brown’s passion has always been to develop civic ideas and implement them successfully through a practical approach. Examples include iconic Nashville arts programs such as the Arts at the Airport ongoing program of art and music; the Nashville Institute of the Arts, now TPAC’s educational program; the legendary Summer Lights Nashville Festival; and the more recent 5th Avenue of the Arts corridor in downtown Nashville, among many other initiatives. These enterprises have since become part of the lore and fabric of Nashville’s cultural life in the community. Her efforts in this field have been civic in nature and have been a significant part of all of her enterprises by design. This approach is designed to add a visible competitive edge to working environments and public spaces. High profile clients over 20 years have included Warner Brothers, Smith Travel Research, EuroDisney, KVBPR, Paramore Digital Agency, Pinnacle National Bank, BMI, and FirstBank, among many others.