Kent Cooper


Kent Cooper describes his art as Post-Industrial.  His art combines versatile construction skills with his active imagination.

What is “Post-Industrial” art?  It is an inventive and unique art that has surpassed its humble beginnings in “shop” class yet retains a level of skill in craftsmanship that is unusual even in fine art. 

Kent is a Nashville original.  His elaborate displays have delighted the Nashville community with his thoughtful, intricate, exuberant craftsmanship through numerous projects in retail stores, museums, themed benefits and private homes.

In this show we are given an insight into a world of idyllic recollections in architectural forms.  The small buildings are not models but recreations of a time and place related to the wide open spaces of the American Dream.

In LAST CHANCE Cooper succeeds in capturing the aura of the “oasis of food and gas” so welcome on long automobile trips without amassing a wealth of detail many model builders use to convince the viewer of its authenticity.  He puts a lot of thought into simplicity and refinement in his pieces, keeping unnecessary detail to a minimum and pushing redundancy off to the side.  He wants his audience to be drawn into their own recollections of time and place.

Kent’s intention is to conjure up good, complete images of Americana. His ideas often spring from his knowledge of what’s technically possible, but his genius comes in allowing those ideas to flourish and expand the boundaries of built potential.